Stuff on a Sunday #8

I’m patting myself on the back with these ‘Stuff on a Sunday’ posts, it’s nice to sit and think about the week just gone and have a bit of a visual diary of the week to look back on! This week has been more hectic than most for us, Monday was our second wedding anniversary, and our 20 week scan!

Tuesday was a boring work day for me, Sam had his only day off of the week and luckily for him I was at work and Athena was at nursery so he had a nice lazy day at home alone, I was a little jealous! He did some washing though so I can’t complain!

Before & After!

Wednesday was a BIG DAY for me, after work I had 15 inches of hair chopped off by the lovely people at Shine to donate to Little princess trust to be made into a wig for a child who needs one. I’ll have a full post up this week but you can see the before/why post here.


Thursday at work was mostly spent touching my hair and having a chilly neck, then after work I met up with Lilla, Sophie, Leah & Jessica for drinks at the Black Rabbit before heading to Queen Hair & Beauty for a night of pampering, the salon is situated in the Lanes, just round the corner from the town hall.  They’ve only recently opened and provide a full range of hair and beauty services (full list here) along with a training studio too. We were treated to sweet nibbles, gel manicures & ‘up dos’. I must admit I didn’t volunteer my hair like I would normally when it was so long but she actually managed to put it up nicely with a sort of sideways French pleat, I was so surprised! It was also the first time I’d ever had gel nails too, I chose also sparkly mauve/pink and am interested to see if they last the three weeks!  My nails grow so fast that I’ll have ridiculous regrowth by then if they do! They’re so much better for you than acrylics though, I had them for two years and they ruined my nails! We were sent on our merry way with a lovely good bag (organised by Lindsay, thank you!) and a toiletries case from local designer Victoria Green.  More of her gorgeous designs are below, and thanks to Sophie for the photo!

Friday was a quiet ‘recover from the week’ sort of day, but we did have a special trip to the park… no buggy or baby carrier!  Athena did it all on foot! I took some lovely photos too so I’ll do a separate post soon. Oh, and I also bought some Christmas baubles when I did the food shop!


Saturday was a lovely day, Athena and I spent the day strolling round Brighton with Skye (though Athena was in the buggy not on foot!) Doing a little Christmas shopping and a few other errands with a couple of drink breaks! Sam then picked Athena and I up and we headed to the Marina for dinner at Blue Mango, which was the first time we’d taken Athena for an Indian meal! I’ll be writing a review soon too. We got home much later than a certain someone’s bedtime so that meant that…

Sunday started with a lie in! Athena woke up around 9 am and sat happily with me in bed till gone 10am, admittedly with the lure of Cbeebies (whilst I read my kindle) and then later today the plan is to get started on making some Christmas cards now I’m finally feeling a little  bit festive!

I published my first Festive Gift Guide, the man edition! There is an amazing competition too to win a personalised copy of ‘The Book of Everyone’. I have LOTS more gift guides coming in the next few weeks too!

I hope everyone else has had a wonderful week this week! As always I am linking up to Hannah’s #TWTWC, good luck with the move ‘oop norf’ Hannah!

Festive Gift Guide: The Man edition & win ‘The Book of Everyone’

In my opinion the men in my life are the hardest people to buy for. Thankfully there are very few of them, and I have already bought and given Sam his Christmas present of a new Smart TV already as it was too big to hide anywhere in the house without him seeing!

So for this male orientated gift guide I’ve been perusing the internet for suitable presents, and wanted to publish it first in case anyone else out there is a bit stuck! Does anyone else have a habit of buying their bloke something they want themselves… it can’t be just me? There are heaps of Christmas gift ideas on the Presents for Men website and a few other old faithful’s that I’ve used over the years, all the images below link to the retailer.



Board games are always great for a spot of fun with friends and family over the festive period, here are a few of my favourites




For any chaps out there who like to take good care of their skin, and maintain nicely shaven chops then the Classic Clean Shave kit from Green People the organic skincare specialists would be perfect, it contains a free razor and brush and I can attest to the quality as Sam has been using it since the start of November and loves it! He’ll be writing a review of it for the blog very soon too!



Lastly, and my favourite of all the selection is ‘The Book of Everyone’, which can of course be given to everyone, not just guys! You create a personalised book based on the receivers personal details, and the result is an awesome book of amazing facts, including nine editable pages for extra personalisation. I have in fact got one of these on the way for Sam so he has something to open on Christmas Day (plus he doesn’t read my blog so i’m not ruining the surprise!) but it would be a great present for birthdays too! The designing process is super simple and takes a matter of minutes, the artwork is gorgeous (check out the artists here) and unique and I think the idea is just amazing. Plus in the run up to Christmas every book ordered will help towards a personalised book for an elderly person through Age UK.



The very nice people at The Book of Everyone are offering a lovely hardback copy completely personalised by you worth £29.50 to one of my lucky readers! All you need to do is fill out the rafflecopter entry form below for a chance to win. The competition closes on 7/12/14. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Interiors: My French Themed bedroom


The nights are getting darker and colder, and the mornings are just grim but since giving Sam his Christmas present of a new Smart TV for the bedroom early this year we’re all spending a lot more time in bed, even if it is watching Cbeebies with a certain someone first thing in the morning! Recently The French Bedroom Company challenged me to update my bedroom with a French theme. I’d wanted to spruce the bedroom up a bit anyway and turn it from ‘the place where things get put when there is nowhere else to put them’ into a nice peaceful environment conducive to a good nights sleep to boot, so a ribbons and roses theme sounded ideal to me!


  Firstly I cleared all the clutter from my bedside table (okay, I swept it all into the drawer but that’s close enough right?) and changed my lamp to one with a frosted glass shade for a less harsh light. I dug out my glass ring holder from a cupboard to pop my jewellery onto overnight to keep it tidy and added a scented candle and a dusky pink glass lidded bowl to pop all the bits and bobs into that end up cluttering up my bedside table like change, hair grips and coins generally! I think it really is true about keeping surfaces uncluttered making a huge difference to the tidiness of an area! Sadly I know that within a week or two both my bedside table and Sam’s will have somehow become cluttered again!

I hung some bunting above the bed, pink roses to match the pinks in the duvet cover and grey to match the blanket and to ensure it wasn’t too girly! I also popped the blue candle holder onto the wall that I have had for years but rarely ever find a place to hang, and added some French themed prints for a little ‘je ne sais quoi’!

Now onto the piece de resistance, the bed! We already had a lace printed duvet cover from Ikea (would you believe that my husband actually chose this?!) so I added the softest blanket in the history of blankets, in a gorgeous dusky mink colour that Athena is already in love with whenever she’s in bed with us! It’s definitely too good for babies though! The two gorgeous cushions are plump and perfect for lounging on, with gorgeous stitched roses, entwined ribbon and a crochet border. Stuffed with feathers, I know these are going to be more and more necessary as I get bigger with pregnancy and require more propping up and support!


Ribbon & Roses cushions / Pauline’s Pretty Throw


I told you someone is a fan of the blanket! I couldn’t resist a browse of the rest of the site, it’s not all traditionally French style, and there are several different collections to look through. The three items below caught my eye for being so unusual!


Thank you to The French Bedroom Company for the challenge! If anyone else has written a post about their bedroom decor please leave a link in the comments, I’d love a nose!