Stuff on a Sunday 57

This weeks ‘Stuff on a Sunday’ is sponsored by exhaustion, chocolate and rain. So poor Arlo has the chicken pox now, I thought he had miraculously escaped catching it from his sister but two days before the end of the maximum incubation period a little spot arrived on the side of his head, followed by a couple more. Of course it happened at the worst possible time as when we were just about to go away for a long weekend to see family and friends and go for a party for Sams cousins birthday.


Everyday Us – Bubble Wrap

Who doesn’t like bubble wrap? It’s one of the little things that gives me pleasure whenever I come across some! A couple of weeks back during the chicken pox quarantine we got a parcel with some of the larger bubbles in helping to protect everything and Athena yanked it out of the box straight away shouting BUBBLE WRAP and immediately started hopping about on it. Arlo of course was a bit wary as he’d not yet been introduced to the joys of bouncing on bubble wrap but after watching her (and me!)  he started tentatively crawling across it and then […]


What the kids wore: Gypsy Style

  A very short post for ‘What Athena Wore’ this week as I am cuddling up with a poorly poxy Arlo (knew he’d catch it eventually!) but I wanted to share Athena’s super cute outfit from Fathers Day. We had a glorious day out at Amberley Heritage Museum for their ‘Dads do too’ event where Sam got to throw a pot on a pottery wheel, drive a steam train and make a wooden egg cup and light cord-pull. He was in his element and the kids loved going on the little steam train, the vintage bus and on the horse […]


Beauty: Look Fantastic #LFJetsetter box

This months Beauty Box from Look Fantastic is the #LFJetsetter box, and although it made me sad I’ve not got a holiday to look forward to (hello broken down car that needs a heck of a lot of work doing to it rapidly diminishing my holiday fund) it would be absolutely perfect for a long weekend away somewhere warm! 


What the Kids read in June & win kids books!

We’ve had a few new books this month as Athena got quite a few for her birthday and we also received some for her to review too. I’ll be doing another kids book post next week too with some more bedtime orientated books but this post is mostly about learning books but there is a lovely story book included and I have three copies of that one to giveaway, so read on! pun intended…


Everyday Us – Ice lollies

I love ice cream, and it looks like my two have taken after me! Athena has always been a fan of the lovely stuff as a pudding (pizza Hut ice cream machines are her fave!) But we rarely get to enjoy a proper ice lolly, mainly because they’re so messy to eat at home!