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Giveaway- What the kids read: Personalised book – Incredible Intergalactic Journey

I absolutely love to find personalised books for my kids, I think it adds so much to their enjoyment (okay, Arlo doesn’t really understand yet but Athena definitely does!) and when I found out about the new book from the people who brought us ‘the little girl who lost her name’ books. I was really excited to take a look as the first book was so magical. The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home is a personalised book with a difference, not only does it feature your child as the main character, but it feature their exact home too in an aerial […]


Stuff on a Sunday – New Job & Hugs

This week has absolutely flown by, and I spent most of it thinking we were a day ahead of ourselves! I worked a few extra shifts as we’re short staffed at work (the hotel) but more excitingly I got a new job! I’ll be managing the social media/outreach for two awesome brands and I’m so excited to get my teeth into it!  I interviewed on Wednesday and was really nervous, the last interview I had was in 2006 when I was thinking of leaving my pub job (got offered assistant manager of Nandos – didn’t take it n favour of working […]

A photo by Liz Weston.

Freelancing: Best & Worst

The Best and Worst Things About Being Self-Employed As with many things, it’s swings and roundabouts. Being employed means office pals, rounds of tea and regular pay checks. Self-employment means no office politics, eating whatever you want for lunch (hello, Nutella sandwiches) and doing everything yourself. There are perks (and pitfalls) to both, but here’s my take on being self-employed. The Freedom Being self-employed means that you are only accountable to yourself (and your clients) but it means that you don’t have to ask for time off to do life admin style stuff, like going to the dentist or waiting […]


What the Kids read: Books about animals

This months favourite books are all animal related, purely coincidentally though!   This Is NOT a Cat By David LaRochelle, illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka Set in ‘mouse school’ this book cleverly only uses the five words from the title, the rest of the story is told purely through the fun pictures to show the little mice learning about what is (or is not!) a cat! Short and sweet and perfect for children of all ages as Arlo loves to hear it being read and Athena loves to try and read it with me, recognising the word Cat and shouting it when […]


Review: The Vax Slimvac

I definitely live by the motto ‘boring women have immaculate homes’ as my home is far from tidy, but saying that I do like it to be clean! At the end of the day once I’ve got the children in bed and we’re settling down for an evening in front of the TV (okay so maybe I am boring…) I do like to have all the toys tidied away and the floor neat and clean, which is something it rarely is during the day. How is it that toast crumbs and crusts appear even when we had cereal for breakfast […]


Stuff on a Sunday – Jabs & Leon

The most testing time of the week was Thursday, always a shitty day anyway as I work 6.45-3pm whilst Sam does the preschool drop off and pick up and has Arlo at home in the middle. At 3 he brings the kids in to me at work and starts his shift and I head home with them. It’s not ideal but it means we don’t spend anything on extra childcare. Only this week it didn’t happen like that because of a meeting timed that meant one of us would have to miss it or miss picking Athena up (not an […]