Why do I fail at meal planning?

Untitled design (1)Every week I sit down to write a meal plan, and either write it and don’t adhere to it or forget to buy one or two (alright, often more) vital ingredients for the meals. It doesn’t help that we don’t do our food shop on a regular day due to Sams unpredictable work schedule and only having one car! I should really set up a weekly home delivery slot but that too seems to slip my mind every week and we end up eating freezer scraps for a day! There are several big supermarkets around us along with a few smaller local ones but trying to get more than a bagful of food with a baby and a toddler in tow is a bit of a mission! As I said, we’re not spoilt for choice in supermarkets that will deliver to us, and there are also online butchers, like Westin Gourmet who will deliver fresh and responsibly sourced meats and various fruit and veg delivery services too.

We have decided however that with the start of Arlo on solids we need to:

  • eat proper meals so that he can partake in them
  • eat more healthily so that what he’s eating from our plates is suitable (so not processed, no added salt etc)
  • start shopping online to reduce temptation to buy sweet/unhealthy things.
  • attempt to reduce our food spend and eliminate wastage

So here’s what I aim to do to try and get on top of meal planning:

Plan meals for the next 10 days on a Sunday evening – generally Sam is around so we can plan together, plus it’s always easier with him here as he can see into the kitchen cupboards without standing on a stool like I have to so he can let me know what’s in there

Keep a written list of what tins/jars we have – and cross out as we use them. I used to do this but somehow got out of the habit. It means that if you always like to have a couple of pasta sauce jars (for example) and use one you know you need to add one to your next shop, like par levels for anyone who’s ever worked with stock holding in a shop or hotel like me!

Set up a grocery delivery every 10 days – with the basic bits saved in a favourites list. We can then add extras we might need for the meal plan and then can top up with fresh fruit and milk from local shops as and when needed

Batch Cook & Freeze –  Things like curries, chillis and stews can be easily cooked in double portions and frozen for a later date. Donna has written about this, and I even have a slow cooker to help with the process, I just need to use it more! That way I can have a night off from cooking and we’ve got a back up in case I forget to do a grocery order!

If you’ve got any helpful tips or posts then please do let me know, or leave links below for me to have a perusal!

This is a collaborative post, all words are my own.

Style: The Yoshi Whittle Bag

I have a new love! It is a handbag, finally a bag just for me! No nappies or baby wipes will grace the inside of this wondrous item! I have been looking for little ways to regain a feeling of being ‘lauren’ and not MUMMYYYYYYY, and using a handbag again after over two years of changing bags is a perfect way to do that! Yoshi bags are stylish leather numbers and this one is the Whittle in a gorgeous burgundy colour called Fig,

The perfect size to fit a phone, keys, purse, notebook, tissues and lip balm in with room to spare! In fact I used this bag when we went to a wedding two weeks ago and managed to fit in a teether, a wedding card, a spare pair of tights and a hairbrush plus assorted hair clips too!

I absolutely love the clasp, easy to do with one hand but stays closed securely with no need to worry about it flapping open and spilling precious belongings all over the pavement! Not only does it have a secure main section but there is a pocket on the back suitable for flatter things like mirrors, stamps and receipts and train tickets!  The signature Yoshi emblem is stamped on the reverse too. I think it’s the sort of bag that will get better with age too, leather often looks better when it’s a bit battered and i’ll be using this bag for years to come! I can’t wait for winter to arrive properly so I can team it up with a burgundy coat and mustard scarf!

Yoshi are a brand who create both timeless classics and modern bags with a twist. Along with their vast bag range they sell travel card holders, glasses cases and purses. Everything comes in its own funky dust bag so perfect for storage or giving as a gift. Their keyrings start at just £6.50 and purses from £12.50, and for real leather you really can’t get a better price!

I had a hard time choosing a bag, I went for the Whittle style because it can be dressed up or down and holds a lot, but these two were on my short list! Who wouldn’t want a bag shaped like a giant Bourbon biscuit? Even better if it was full of bourbon biscuits!


Bourbon biscuit bag & Cullen shoulder bag in Saffron.

Thank you to Yoshi for allowing me to choose a bag and regain some style (let’s face it, i’ve been seriously lacking any personal style since having Arlo) and give me an excuse to carry my things in my own bag rather than a changing bag!

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Win £150 of autumn baby essentials with Babymoov

Happy Friday folks! A quick post today to share with you an amazing giveaway from the fantastic Babymoov, a company who we know and love and are lucky enough to be ambassadors for! To read more about their products you can find my reviews here!

They’ve just launched a giveaway to win £150 worth of amazingly useful autumn essentials;

*   Muslin blanket set

*   Aquarium humidifier

*   Messenger bag

*   Thermo hygrometer

*   Baby boat + bath stand

All you need to do is enter using the rafflecopter below! (and if you need a hint for the answer to the first question just click here!)



a Rafflecopter giveaway



The competition is run by Babymoov and will end on the 15th October!