Christmas Spirit – One good deed

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a year or more might remember reading a post about a very good deed that someone did for me almost a year ago. The full story is here but basically two days before Christmas I stupidly managed to forget my purse when doing the Christmas food shop and didn’t realise till I got to the till. She was the customer in front of me and very kindly offered to pay for it for me. I couldn’t prove who I was or show her my address or anything, all I could do was ring her phone so she knew what my phone number was, and accept her bank details. I was bowled over by her huge trust and and of course transferred her the money as soon as I got home.

Almost a year later I am happy to say that I found an opportunity to repay this good deed, this kindness from a stranger. On my way to the train station after work on Thursday a lady called out to me, and looked so relieved when I stopped. I assumed she was after directions, but she looked frazzled and upset. She explained that she had been at the hospital with her son since 2am that morning, they’d finally been discharged only to walk back to her car in the centre of town to find that it wouldn’t start. She had not brought her handbag with her in the rush to get her son to hospital so had no purse with her. She needed the money to buy a ticket for herself and her son to get to her mums house. I had no cash on me at all, but offered to get some out from the closest cash point for her. Very sweetly she said her mum (who I assume was quite elderly/didn’t drive) had said she’d send a prayer that someone would help her, telling her to ask a woman and not a man when she had just called her in tears. I handed over £20 so she had some money left to get a hot drink for both of them, she gave me her phone number and a hug and then she hurried back to her car where her son was waiting safely locked in and enjoying playing with the stereo and ‘having a whale of a time’ (bless him) as she didn’t want him to see her asking strangers for money or out in the cold when he wasn’t well. I am so glad I could turn her awful situation into a slightly better one, and help her get home to her family.

This post is not me asking anyone to pat me on the head and tell me ‘well done’, because I do truly hope that any of you would help someone out in this situation. Instead I’d like it to act as a reminder to anyone reading that with an act of kindness you could really turn a persons day around, and that is especially important to remember at this time of year. Plus it will make you feel good too.


You never know when you might be the one reliant on a complete stranger for help.

Blogolutions 2015


I’ve noticed a few of the blogs in my feedly doing ‘resolution’ type posts for their blog, so thought I would jump on the bandwagon and hopefully give myself a kick up the behind. I am also not going to make any other new years resolutions, as I never really stick to them anyway!

In 2015 I plan to:

  • Be less tough on myself if I go a few days without posting. Belle du Brighton is a personal blog, not a magazine. I’m sure my lovely readers won’t bugger off and desert me if I don’t post for a few days! I sometimes feel like I NEED to get a post up, and therefore that post is rushed and not what I’d like to be. Or I work solidly for a few days to schedule a week of posts, sit back and relax and then suddenly the week is over and I feel the pressure again, so daft! Also lets face it, I’ll have a new baby fairly soon taking up lots of my time! Going back to being a personal blog I want to blog more about me, my life, feelings and opinions.
  • Better promotion. I tend to take so much on that by the time I’ve published a post that’s it, box ticked and I move onto the next thing. I forget to schedule a follow up tweet or to post to facebook. I’m probably missing out on some traffic and interaction by being lazy about this so I need to find the right balance, but obviously won’t be spamming your twitter feed with endless links (as I mute/unfollow these people and I’m sure others do too!) I need to spend more time on good content, and then promoting it rather than just publishing crap and never mentioning it again!
  • Read more blogs. I always put this off, although often spend time procrastinating on twitter instead. I need to whittle down the blogs on my feedly to ones that I really love and aim to comment on at least 10 blogs a day, and hope to find some more favourites to add too!

On-going ‘series’ I plan to continue/start:

  • I already try and do my ‘Stuff on a Sunday’ post each week, and will continue to do so (hopefully!) as a nice little weekly capture to look back on.
  • ‘In January I…’ I kind of stopped doing these when I got better at doing the weekly posts, but I think I will restart them but change the format a little, instead I’ll share a few of my favourite posts of the month from my own blog, and from other peoples blogs too (like my long forgotten ‘Linkography’ series. I’ll also include books I’ve read, TV shows and films I’ve been enjoying too.
  • ‘Siblings’ This is a monthly linky that obviously I can’t start until Athena’s sibling arrives, and ‘Me and Mine’ too. These are both photo challenges to keep a record of your family throughout the year. I personally don’t like posts with just a photo so would only join in when I have something to say, and quite possibly as part of my weekly or monthly posts. I am also going to be taking part in #52Memories which I will blog about more in the new year.
  • More style & beauty posts. I used to love outfit posts, but being pregnant means my choices are somewhat limited, and I’ve not bought many new maternity clothes and showed quite a few during my last pregnancy! I’d like to do at least one beauty or style post a month, if not more!

Name – I’m not sure I want to keep being Belle du Brighton. I don’t actually live IN Brighton any more (very close by though, so it still counts!) but we do eventually plan to move to Norfolk, so I’d have to change it then anyway! I do love my blog name for now, but need to start thinking about a name change at some point!

As I wrote about before, I will be using a ‘Busy Life’ diary from Busy B.  Each week is split into two sides, so I’ll be using a page for personal and a page for blog notes and deadlines etc! I might also investigate some blogging printables, but I’ve tried to use them in the past and given up fairly quickly, so might design a notebook or similar instead.

I’m excited to keep on top of blogging into my fifth year (I started in 2011!) but most importantly to enjoy it (and to have a break when I’m not!)

What are your blogolutions?

Project B pregnancy subscription box–Energise

This months pregnancy subscription box from Project B was another good one! In it I received:

  • What to buy for your baby book
  • Alpha bites & Safari paws from Bear
  • Aleva Naturals daily moisturiser
  • Urban Veda day cream
  • Teapigs fruit/herbal tea selection
  • Divine fair trade chocolate
  • Apothederm Stretchmark cream
  • Femfresh wash

Along with the normal cards containing hints, tips and lovely sounding recipe for XXX which I have filed away for future use!

All very useful, although I am still using the stretch mark oil from last months box so I’ve not used the Apothederm cream yet, and am still miraculously stretch mark free for the moment! The What to buy for your baby book has so many helpful hints and tips, I wish I had read it first time round and as a 2nd time mama it’s not as relevant for me as I’ve learnt from the past year with Athena what was a waste of money/time, but the next friend who gets pregnant for the first time I’ll be passing it on to them for sure! The teapigs are in my desk drawer at work for mid day pick me ups, and the snacks are long gone already, but I love fruit snacks and will be keeping an eye out for more Bear treats to stock up on!

A well thought out and put together box for month 6, to help to energise! Next months box is the ‘relax’ box, this months had a gorgeous looking candle in it so i’m looking forward to seeing what comes in my box next month as they’re always different!

To find out more about Project B, or to subscribe yourself or for a friend click here to visit their website, and follow them on facebook and twitter for updates and special offers.


I am lucky enough to be reviewing a Project B box each month for the rest of my pregnancy in order to give an honest review.