#SmartDiscoveries with the SmarTrike Infinity 5-in1 trike

Arlo has a new set of wheels; he’s been test driving the brand new SmarTrike 5-in-1 infinity trike. Designed to take a child from 10 months to 3 years and through a variety of stages: Stage 1: Sleep mode – the seat reclines back for comfy naps and has a high back so plenty of head support Stage 2: 10 months upwards baby can chill in the seat using the footrests provided and is secured with the safety bar Stage 3: 18 months upwards your toddler can ditch the safety bar and get more involved, learning extra balance and mum […]


Sleep Deprivation: The Weird and Wonderful

Sleep is a funny thing. When you’re younger it just doesn’t seem like a fun thing to do and when you reach adolescence it’s something that you can do for hours, days even! I remember the summer holidays before I started my A levels, I don’t think I got out of bed much before 11am then. Hey, some weekends in my late 20’s were the same, but probably because I was sleeping off a night out rather than just sleeping because I could However sleep is vital for a healthy body and mind, so it’s no surprise that withholding sleep […]


The Buggy Chronicles: Koochi 

Koochi isn’t a brand I was too familiar with but have recently been introduced to them as sister company to Cosatto, a brand I do know and love having used a travel system, car seat and highchair from them. Koochi is designed to appeal to a slightly different market, the products have a lower price point but all still come with that fantastic four year guarantee that Cosatto is so famous for and plenty of eye catching designs and stand-out colours too!

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What the Kids Read: Bedtime Stories Castles

I love a good bedtime story, and now Arlo is a little older we tend to read one together with Athena on the sofa as he’s too heavy to hold and read if we go into Athena’s room and if I leave him to his own devices on her mid-sleeper he tries to go backwards off it! We were recently sent a lovely book of bedtime stories from Parragon and we’ve been working our way through them . My two still have fairly small attention spans so we don’t always finish a story each night (though they aren’t that long!) […]

Why don't I

Why can’t I shout about my blog?

I’ve been writing Belle du Brighton for six years. Before that I wrote on Livejournal and prior to that on Diaryland; both sadly now long lost in the cyberspace black hole. But for some ridiculous reason many of my friends don’t know about the blog, or if they do know I blog they don’t know where. My parents don’t know, and my in laws only know because Sam or his sister told them, i’d much rather they didn’t read it and I am cringing now just writing about the fact that they read it. But WHY? Why am I so disinclined […]


Athena & Arlo in August

This month my two small people have had a more hate than love relationship, but both seem to have grown up far more than they should in 30 days! Arlo has discovered that yanking Athena’s hair means not only does she get really angry but that it comes out too; now it’s his favourite thing to do if she has something he wants, or has taken something from whilst he was playing with it. Basically life between them is a game of of tug of war. She’s got it, he wants it. He’s got it, she wants it. It does […]