Annoyances- the General Public edition


I find myself ranting (in my head, not out loud… yet) on a regular basis. I don’t know if it is because I turned 30, or became a mum, or perhaps because I pregnant and irritable, but I thought I should share these annoyances and see if anyone else feels the same way. Do tell me if you think i’m being unreasonable, and please add your annoyances in the comments!

  • People who walk in the centre of the pavement, fine if it is 6 feet wide, not fine when it is narrow and you can’t get by them
  • People who stop in dead in the centre of the pavement/shop/train station without moving to one side. This is even worse when they suddenly bend down because you go head over heels on top of them instead of just smacking into their back!
  • People who don’t get their money ready when they’re waiting in a queue to pay. You know you have to pay for your shopping, so why not get your purse out at the very least whilst you are waiting. It’s clearly so much easier than faffing about counting out the right change (slowly, potentially dropping some) then realising that you don’t have it anyway and handing over a note. I always end up behind these people, without fail. At least I can share an eye roll with the person on the till when it’s my turn. Every cloud/
  • Teenagers who walk arm in arm and more than three people abreast. I don’t mind if it is the elderly or the infirm at all. But teenagers do not need to be intrinsically linked with each other to get where they are going meaning that nobody can get round them without stepping into the road and probably in front of a bus or a cyclist.
  • People who smoke right outside doors of restaurants/train stations/hospitals. The latter is the worst, I had an appointment last week and had to wade through a thick fog of smoke on my way in and out of the hospital. I understand people have needs, but seriously just go a little further along so you’re not stood right in front of the place where ill and pregnant people are coming and going.
  • People who press the button at a pedestrian crossing when it has clearly already been pressed. If the ‘wait’ light is lit up why bother pressing it again? It won’t make the lights change any faster! My mum is guilty of this and it annoys me every time!
  • People who stare. Without blowing my own trumpet I know i’m not weird looking, I’d class myself as fairly normal looking in fact. So why are there sometimes people who will just stare at me for no reason. I’m hoping they also stare at other people, as it would make me feel better. But then I’d have to follow them to find out if they stared at everyone, and that would make me a stalker.
  • People who don’t say ‘Thank you’ when I hold a door open for them, or move to one side. I have actually started retorting ‘NO, thank YOU’ in a suitably sarcastic tone now.

So, what else really gets your goat as you go about your daily business?  Please do tell me!

I’ve written about other annoyances here: Miserable retail workers, Show-off Mums, and Facebook (part 1) as I know there will be more!

Pregnancy weeks 13-16



More or less smooth sailing this month. Less needing to pee overnight but more maternity clothes needed, swings and roundabouts! I am attempting to drink more water in a bid to not have a constant dull headache, and I am also attempting to eat less biscuits… but that’s not going that well! The bump now starts just under where the band of my bra sits, no nice neat round bump for me just a general all over bumpiness.

I’m getting the odd backache twinge but I think that’s probably a combination of an awful mattress and slouching on the sofa with my laptop in the evenings rather than pregnancy!

I’m feeling a lot less nauseous now, but can still gag if I smell something particularly bad! I am able to cope with dirty nappies now though, so we’re back in cloth nappies full time on my days off now, hurrah! (I say we, clearly this doesn’t actually apply to me!) A couple of dizzy spells but I think it’s mainly if I’ve not eaten enough or got out of bed too quickly, so I just need to be a little more careful I think!

I had a midwife appointment at 15 weeks and she found the heartbeat immediately which was nice (‘that’s because you’re nice and slim’ she said, I’d hate to think she thinks of as not slim then!) but it was nice to hear it early on anyway! I must admit my experience of the local team here hasn’t been a great one so far, they didn’t turn up to my booking appointment and didn’t call to inform me or apologise, then eventually I had to go to the hospital for it but although I had filled in all my GP details correctly and clarified in person, she then entered me under a different doctors surgery. That meant that when I had my next MW appointment she didn’t have any of my information to hand so we spent time re-filling everything, with the MW moaning under her breath about how unorganised everybody else is etc etc.

However the waiting times at hospital appointments has been way less than before (I’m having baby 2 at a different hospital to Athena as we’ve moved) and I have been told that having a second C-section is fine and already met with a specialist midwife to talk through my options, and have an appointment in November to talk to the obstetrics team, so that’s a huge relief and I can hopefully enjoy this pregnancy a bit more than my first.

I am off to The Baby Show today to start to explore the world of tandem buggies, co sleepers and probably a lot more too, wish me luck!

Living it Large – Storage Inspiration for Small Spaces

Living in a small space is a necessity for millions of families across the UK. However, without careful planning, smaller homes can quickly fill up with clutter – making them feel cramped and dingy. Ample storage is the best way to make your house feel more spacious. Whether you live in a studio, apartment, flat, or maisonette, here are some storage solutions to help you make the most of your home.

Dual Purpose Furniture

Small homes rarely have room for traditional types of storage furniture, such as drawers and wardrobes. The trick is to repurpose the bare essentials – beds, sofas, and tables – as storage spaces. The sofa below, for example, has a series of spacious compartments hidden beneath the seat cushions. Storage places like this are more difficult to reach than others, making them ideal for seldom-used possessions.



Most people use their under-bed space for storage. However, this often appears untidy – particularly if the bed is placed in the middle of the room. Some bed frames also incorporate storage space, like this beautiful cream piece:



Rifling through under-sofa storage on a daily basis is impractical. Everyday items must be readily accessible, even if they’re kept stored away. A hollow ottoman at the end of the bed is both stylish and practical. Although traditionally used to store bedding, modern versions can be adapted to hold almost any item – like this ingenious television stand:



Coffee tables can also be repurposed for storage – there are plenty of made-for-purpose varieties available with drawers, baskets, or hinged lids. Alternatively, you could adapt another piece, like this fantastic vintage steamer trunk:



Quick Tips

Some rental properties come complete with the landlord’s own furniture, making the solutions above impossible. However, it is still possible to increase your storage space without buying large pieces of purpose-made furniture. Wardrobes are storage goldmines, but people don’t always make full use of the available space. Hanging up clothing is just one function – fill the bottom of the piece with drawers, boxes, and racks, like the example below:



Flat and apartment dwellers often don’t have access to a garden, making indoor clothing airers a necessity. However, they often take up a lot of room. Some varieties are designed to fit into a bath or shower, and can be folded flat when not in use.



When choosing furniture, remember to keep your storage options in mind. Keeping clutter to a minimum is particularly important in smaller houses, as it can help make your home feel airy and spacious.

Of course, no amount of storage space can increase the actual size of your home. However, even the smallest room can be enhanced with one simple trick. Hang a mirror on the wall – the larger the better – to give an illusion of space.

This post was written by Anne Haimes of AH Interiors, an interior designer with over 20 years’ experience, based in Henley-on-Thames, England.