Friday, April 18, 2014

What’s in my changing bag for a 10 month old



I’ve written before about how changing bags are the new handbag for me… I have a total of 5 changing bags but am currently using this Skip Hop bag. Its pockets and pouches are full to the brim and Kiddicare asked me if I was willing to share the contents of our changing bag on my blog. My attitude to what I need has changed slightly throughout the months I've been carting one around, and I think is possibly opposite to most new mums.

In the first week I literally just shoved wipes, nappies and a fold up changing mat at the end of the bassinette and off we trotted (well, limped slowly as I had a C section) How naïve I was, it was a couple of weeks later when the baby who only pooped every 5 days literally exploded that I rethought this plan and took a whole lot more out with me. I don’t think I take excessive amounts and often when we’re out babywearing without the pram I just throw nappies and wipes in a tote bag and hope for the best, admittedly breastfeeding means we don’t need to take bottles of formula out with us which lightens the load!


Kiddicare sell a big variety of changing bags including the black version of my SkipHop Dash Deluxe, sadly the blossom print is no longer available! It has buggy clips, insulated pockets, a zip compartment and a changing mat included, as well as pockets and pouches inside for various things. Here is what I took with us on a family trip out to a local open air museum this week…

changingbag orig

I never leave the house without:

  • nappies, wipes, nappy bags, nappy cream
  • snacks & a drink for Athena, disposable bibs (way easier then remembering to take out dirty ones and replace) & snack catcher
  • A muslin cloth (for wiping sticky hands and faces as washable, I save the wipes for the really mucky jobs!)
  • A variety of toys and books. I try and remember to change the items every couple of days so she doesn’t get too bored! Currently it’s the Faces book and Jacques the Peacock from Lamaze.
  • A change of clothes for Athena (in a separate pouch for ease) but remember to make sure they’re the right size, it took me 4 weeks to remember to change when she changed size last time, thank goodness we didn’t need them!

My phone and purse were under the buggy in the bag with our picnic blanket, but they would normally be in there too!

Other extras that are often present include my diary, a phone charger, sunglasses, a sun hat (when not attached to the baby) spare socks (where do they go?!) and a chocolate bar or 3 (i’m partial to the Naked natural bars, good for energy!)


What do you cart around that you don’t need to? Or is there anything glaringly obvious that i’m missing?


Kiddicare kindly provided me with a voucher to buy some bits for my changing bag as a thank you for talking about what I cart around!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Recipe: Sausage and bean pasta #RespectThePasta



Remember when I told you I was taking part in the #RespectThePasta challenge with Ask Italian? Well this is the 2nd challenge… to create a pasta dish and share the recipe with you! I was tempted to try a lasagne, but in the past have royally messed it up and decided to leave facing my pasta nemesis for a later date and focus on something that a) will be tasty and b) won’t set the fire alarms off! I was given a set rules to follow:

Pasta DO:
-Use LOTS of boiling, well-salted water
-Cook for two minutes less than the packet instructions and finish cooking in the sauce with a spoonful of cooking water
-Enjoy immediately in small portions in warm bowls or plates – “pasta waits for no man”
-Tip pasta into a colander to drain it - use tongs or a slotted spoon to take pasta out of the water
-Test ‘done-ness’ by throwing pasta onto the walls
-Use too much sauce – coat the pasta, don’t drown it


As part of my future quest to start meal planning I wanted to whittle down the contents of the cupboard, so this is a bit of a mishmash of things created using the ‘fling it all together and see what happens’ method, one of my faves!


You need: Beef Sausages, mixed mexican beans, passata, and Tripoline pasta. Oh, and CHEESE!

IMG_5598 IMG_5601

Method: Pre cook your sausages, then add them to a large pot of passata, a tin of mixed Mexican beans and any herbs you fancy flinging in. I used basil & olive oil flavoured passata because it happened to be in the cupboard, but you could add these things separately, or spice it up with some chilli oil! Anyway, I digress, simmer on a low heat whilst you boil your pasta. I used Tripoline because it is wavy and fun to eat, added it to boiled water with liberal amounts of salt, and cooked for 2 minutes less than the packet tells you too (10 minutes in my case!) following the rules above!

Plate up, sprinkle with cheese and add a warm ciabatta to mop up the sauce… ta dah!



What’s your favourite pasta dish to make?

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