Trespass Snow Pants

trespass snow pants
Although I didn’t go snowboarding with Sam whilst we were away I still needed a pair of warm, waterproof trousers to play about in the snow in, and after seeing how much fun people were having on the slopes I’m going to try a ski lesson this year and see how I like it so they’ll be getting a lot more use out of them I hope!¬† Continue reading

What the toddler wore: Kozi Kidz Parka

kozikidzAs you can imagine it was pretty nippy in the Alps last week! I was worried that we’d all be too cold to enjoy ourselves out and about but actually we had a lot of fun and nobody lost a finger to frost bite!¬†Athena wore her Kozi Kidz Alaska Winter Parka every day and there were no complaints of being cold at all from her! Designed to cope with even the coldest swedish winters the Kozi Kidz outlook is that of the swedes ‘no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing’ and one of their founders is Swedish so knows all about cold!

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