My favourite podcasts

I spend a fair amount of time listening to podcasts these days, and prefer them to music actually! I find that I don’t really hear music, it just fades away into the background but if i’m listening to a podcast I pay more attention! I don’t have an iPhone so I listen to them using the Podcaster app (it’s free!) and mostly listen when i’m walking to and from the train station on my commute and often to drift off to sleep to. I have spent the last 2 days being violently ill and in bed, so podcasts have been keeping me sane as I drifted between sleeping and being sick. I thought I’d put together my favourites in case anyone needed any inspiration or is looking for some new ones to subscribe to!

Helen and Olly Answer me This

Definitely my #1 fave, these two (plus ‘Martin the soundman’) are hilarious. The concept is that listeners write/call in with a questions of the obscure/unusual variety for Helen and Olly to answer. More often than not they head off on a tangent before answering the question using a variety of research/personal knowledge/common sense.

Joy the Baker Podcast

Joy and Tracey are two American food bloggers, and their podcast is basically them just having a chin wag with each other. Sometimes they will answer a question from a listener and give advice but more often than not it’s just chatter, perfect to have on in the background when doing housework!

Janey Godley’s podcast

The Scottish comedienne and her daughter talk about all sorts, I love their thick Glaswegian accents and their ability to make me actually snigger aloud at times!

The Savage Lovecast

Not for under 18’s due to risqué content!! Dan Savage takes questions from listeners about all manner of love, relationship and sex queries.

Stuff you missed in History Class

Covering a huge array of different topics in bite-size chunks, well researched (not by wikipedia!) information is put together in easy to listen to segments. Often there will be a few episodes on the same subject if it’s a meaty one. There are literally hundreds of back episodes too. I will admit that sometimes I choose a boring topic to help me drift off to sleep to…

Stuff you should know

Similar to the above, but more ‘how things work… from Socialism, to TV ratings. The guys that present this show are amusing too, so it’s not like being lectured to at all!


Please share your podcast recommendations with me in the comments!

The winter coat shortlist

I have spent a good portion of the weekend browsing the internet for winter coats, and as ever am completely indecisive over what style I want, let alone what colour! Last years winter coat was a burgundy parka with a fur trimmed hood, and although it has plenty of life left in it it looks a bit tatty, and doesn’t really do for smarter occasions! The main problem is that I have very little spare income to throw at a coat this year, as my part time wages just about cover child care and travel costs!

I know people have been using money saving and voucher websites for years, but I just never really looked into it! Just after Christmas I joined a ‘frugal’ group on Facebook which is full of money saving ideas, and someone recently said that they had saved over £200 by checking for discounts before going direct to the website. Admittedly she has three children so was buying a lot of clothes and toys, but that’s still a great saving! So I have made a pact with myself to look online for a voucher or discount code every time I want to buy something online!

Here are a few on my short list, as you can see I’ve not quite made my mind up on style yet!

Urban Outfitters // Joules // Yumi


Found your winter coat yet? Favourite money saving tip? Please do share!


This post is a PR collaboration. All words and opinions my own.

Win a Scooter worth £60 with Skatehut!

I remember when I got given my first proper bike, it was a red shiny classic bike and I got it for my 8th birthday. I felt SO grown up, and had no idea as my mum had hidden it in the neighbours garden shed so I wouldn’t find it! A few years later that was replaced with a mountain bike with twisty gears on the handlebars, and I still loved riding it even when I got knocked off by a car and broke my wrist (once the cast was off, obviously!)

At some point in my early teens I also discovered roller skating, and for a long time preferred ‘proper’ skates over inline skates but I think that’s because we used to go to a roller disco every few Saturday nights and you weren’t allowed inline skates there! I was always in awe of an older gent who would spend all his time in the middle of the arena doing fancy things with one leg behind his ear whilst spinning rapidly in a tight circle! The fanciest thing I could do was skate backwards I think!

Anyway, the point of my reminiscing is to introduce you to who sell pretty much any skater or bike/scooter rider could ever need! From safety equipment to storage bags and everything in between, including yo-yos and pogo sticks!  Orders over £20 are delivered for free and they offer a price match too!

So, if you have or know of a little person who would love to win a Micro Scooter from Skatehut UK then get entering below!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway



Thank you to Skatehut for sponsoring this prize!