Winter Warmers


I think it’s safe to say winter has arrived in all its red nosed, foot stamping glory! I’m happy about it because it means bigger jumpers, scarves and a nice thick parka when I’m outside. Candles, fairy lights, blankets and mugs of hot drink are all in abundance at home, and Athena might even be wearing a festive Jumper already! Here’s a little round up of how I’m spending my Winter so far, just in case anyone needs any inspiration!

In my mug: I am switching between two favourite drinks at the moment, the first is a gingerbread hot chocolate, made simply with whatever hot chocolate you prefer (for me it’s either Cadburys cocoa or Bourneville) with a generous splosh of Monin Gingerbread syrup, with a good stir and few marshmallows for good measure (you can get the Monin syrups at most big supermarkets, and some coffee shops!)


Secondly, and more of a day time drink is pretty much anything from Bluebird Tea Co, and I am so glad I’ve got my taste for tea back in time for the winter months as I went right off tea in the first few months of my pregnancy! Gingerbread Chai (noticing a gingery theme here?) is my first choice, closely followed by Dark chocolate chilli chai.

20141116_192645Wearing: Mostly PJs, if I’m honest, well indoors anyway! I have resurrected my snowflake fleecy PJ bottoms as they fit round the bump, as sadly my rainbow reindeer ones don’t! I also treated myself to a huge fleecy jumper with a funnel neck from Asda when I last shopped there, it is the snuggliest thing ever, but sadly I’m often too hot in it! We’re lucky in that we’ve only had to have one heater on in the hall for half an hour each evening to take the chill off, but our flat is so well insulated that that’s it so far this winter!

On my plate: Stews, slow cooker casseroles, fajitas and curries! Normally with pudding and custard, plus a lot of ‘Minter Wonderland’ ice cream from Ben n Jerries.

Smelling: a couple of Yankee candle wax tarts in my burner, current favourites are Spiced Orange & Fireside Treats, and I’m also alternating 2 lovely candles from, I have a review and giveaway coming up for some too so keep an eye out for a post in the next couple of days! I ordered the wax tarts in bulk from amazon, as a winter selection but just looked and found these: Festive Mix ten for £11.25! Do I need more…?

Watching: I’m currently watching a few different things, Nashville, Under the Dome (a tv drama based on a Stephen Spielberg book) along with catching up with New Girl every few weeks so I have a few to watch at once. Nothing on ‘normal’ TV is really taking my fancy now that Downton Abbey has finished, but I’m trying to keep up with The Apprentice and Gogglebox when I remember! Steph and Dom are my favourites by far, I’d love to stay at their luxurious B&B!

Reading: Audrey Niffenggers ‘Her Fearful Symmetry’. I started this back in the spring, but as I have a hardback copy I found it hard to read in the bath so stopped in favour of my kindle or paperbacks. I’ve re started as I only got a few chapters in, but so far so good!

How is everyone else spending their evenings this winter?

The Tea Times – PG Tips Personaliteas!


PG Tips have developed a pretty spot on quiz to help you discover your ‘personalitea’, take the quiz here to find out yours! Mine was pretty spot on with ‘The Rich one’ (sadly in tea tastes rather than actual wealth!) but there is a whole amazing range of teas to suit every tea-taste in their Premium Range. I cannot tell you how happy I am that my weird pregnant body has finally decided to allow me to enjoy tea again! I went off it almost as soon as I got pregnant and it has taken me till now, 21 weeks later to actually enjoy a cuppa, despite many over those weeks! I’ve been taking my own tea into work, The Rich one for my first ‘turn the computer on’ cuppa, and then ‘The Fresh One’ for the mid afternoon slump around 2pm! I am not entirely sure how I got to almost half way through pregnancy (this time with a toddler as well as a job) without tea, but I can tell you I am a lot more ‘with it’ with the addition of tea recently!

As you can see below I have been enjoying the different types of tea and with various different sweet treats of course! A huge thank you to PG tips for always having the right tea for the occasion and also for the truly lovely hamper full of lovely treats, including fluffy slippers, a luxurious dressing gown and a tea cup and saucer that is too good to use, amongst other goodies!


Don’t forget PG Tips also do a wonderful variety of fruit teas too, I blogged about those back in the summer here!

A huge thank you to the PG Tips team, and Monkey of course for the Hamper!

Pregnancy: Project B ‘Blossom’ Box

Who doesn’t like getting parcels in the post? Project B is a lovely monthly subscription box to take you through your pregnancy from month three until the birth of your baby. Each box is designed to see you through the relevant month of your pregnancy with items to help you keep healthy and prepare for the new arrival! All the items are specially selected and are from well known or up and coming brands so you can be sure of a good quality box with contents that exceed the price. Having only previously subscribed to beauty boxes in the past I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when my first box arrived, as I didn’t want to spoil the surprise by looking at the Project B Website. I was very happy with the contents for this box, which is for the ‘Blossom’ month, weeks 16-19 of pregnancy.

In the ‘Blossom’ box I received:

  • yu! fruit chews
  • D’Drops – Liquid Viatmin D
  • Quinola Mothergrain
  • Bloom Bump & Baby – stretch mark oil
  • Ginerva Green Tea BB Cream
  • Super Drinks for Pregnancy recipe book
  • Weleda – Oat replenishing haircare
  • A set of advice cards, and a holder for our baby scan at 20 weeks.

My favourite item by far is the recipe book for pregnancy drinks. There are so many delicious sounding recipes for drinks and soups in there, and of course I will still be able to make them when i’m not pregnant. The couple of recipes I’ve tried so far have gone down well with my one year old too, so definitely a book to hold on to!

My second favourite item is the Bloom Bump & Baby stretch mark oil. Not only does it smell divine (the sort of upmarket smell you get when you go for a massage, I think it’s the Neroli) but it doesn’t leave too much of an oily residue behind either, although I do tend to use it before I go to sleep, as the lavender is nice and calming.

There is actually nothing in the box that I wouldn’t use or didn’t like the look of, which was a big surprise as it’s always hard to people everybody! I’m looking forward to using the Quinoa in a slow cooker recipe soon, and will be taking the smaller beauty products away with me at Christmas when we visit family. You also get emails from Project B throughout the month with helpful info relating to your stage of pregnancy too, which is a lovely touch.

To find out more about Project B, or to subscribe yourself or for a friend click here to visit their website, and follow them on facebook and twitter for updates and special offers.

I linked this post up to #MummyMondays

I am lucky enough to be reviewing a Project B box each month for the rest of my pregnancy in order to give an honest review.