#NationalBabyDay with BabyBorn


I’m grateful that I don’t seem to have anyone in my life who thinks it is strange for little boys to play with dolls, or kitchens, or to dress up as whatever they want. I am so thankful for this as I see people saying on-line in parenting groups or social media that their fathers or sometimes even partners don’t like their toddlers playing with toys that are ‘traditionally’ for girls. So do these people not want their boys to grow up into caring fathers? Fathers who cook dinner for their family, and change nappies for their children and, god forbid do a bit of hovering or ironing! It seems ridiculous to me that people would even think twice about this sort of thing! Continue reading

Stuff on a Sunday 55

I’ve been a bit crap at keeping up with my Sunday life updates but in all honesty there’s not been a great deal of excitement or even anything of note! I’m drowning under a never ending cycle of washing clothes, small people and sorting and trying to tidy the house. We moved somewhere bigger so that we’d feel less claustrophobic and cluttered but actually the stuff is just spread over a wider area now and still pisses me off! Operation de clutter starts now! Continue reading

Giveaway: Personalised Print from FBWL

fbwlprintA little while back I wrote about Arlo’s lovely keepsake personalised print from ‘From Babies With Love’ and you can read about that here. Now we’ve moved it has been framed and hung in the playroom (on the left in the photo above) so we can see it every day! In case FBWL is new to you, they are a wonderful company who send ALL their profits around the world to help babies who are less fortunate.  Continue reading

Eating out: Wahaca Brighton


After what seems like months since I knew Wahaca was arriving in Brighton I finally got to enjoy a meal there last night and boy was it worth the wait! I’m a huge fan of Mexican food although I don’t like really spicy things I find that most Mexican dishes combine so many different flavours that my reluctance to try really spicy things doesn’t matter! Continue reading