Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In which I love and loathe November


So November is over… pretty much anyway! Last months loving//loathing can be found here, and for your reading pleasure here is what pissed me off or made me gloriously happy this month…






Dinner with friends // Reading… // Watching Junior Apprentice // Starting to shop for Christmas // Planning Christmas day dinner! // Dragging my laptop and extension cable into the bathroom to watch New Girl and Gossip Girl in the bath // Having the boys sister to visit // Having days off in the week // Lots of Cinema Trips // Food (making and eating it) // Buying bits to make cards with // Spending time with friends // Biltong! // Setting up my blog roll (under construction but if you’re on it and have a badge, please send me your buttons/logos!) // Adding extra bits to Me, Myself and I






Being Sick // Stress levels // Not going to the gym as much as I should // People who irritate me (most people atm!) // Being too lazy to organise things (my room, my dresser, my house, my future) // having PCOS, the constant hair removal! // People who walk S…O…….S….L…O…W…L….Y when I am trying to get somewhere fast // screaming people in the street when I’m trying to sleep [my fault for living right in town] // My self imposed ‘nothing that isn't absolutely necessary, apart from things I reeeaaaaallllllly want’ spending ban //  Getting nowhere with wedding planning




What were your November hi & lowlights?


I have four days off next week, which is highly exciting, I have lots of plans to organise and tidy the house, get some wedding planning done, but will actually spend time sitting on the sofa & reading books pretty much. Its the #southbloggersmeet on Saturday in Porstmouth, and then on Sunday its teatime with Ayden & Sophie.


  1. Love these photos lady! They made me chuckle. YES to New girl what a WINNNNNER!!!
    Asif your getting married..amazingggggggg x

  2. Oh my yess I LOVE New Girl Zooey Deschanel makes me SO happy!!

    Alllso I see I'm in your b'roll thanks SO much :) ♥
    I have two buttons in my blog sidebar - not sure which you'd prefer? xxxx


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