Monday, December 26, 2011

In which I get festive!

A Christmas Day stroll… Brighton pavilion & pier.
A little picture post of my Christmas.

Midnight Mass – at the tallest parish church in England (built to the dimensions of the Ark, supposedly) There was huge fight at the end of the service, swearing and punches being thrown, this really common looking and very drunk clan of people were so out of order its untrue! A plate of pottery christmas shapes in a shop window on the way home (& me with not a scrap of makeup on due to the dreaded eye infection)
Cards, lights, mini tree & big pile of blankets!
My secret santa gift (from Catherine!) A lovely little selection of bits and bobs, the candle was burnt during dinner, its AMAZING!) and two necklaces from two lovely ladies, that I think will look brilliant layered together, thanks Hannah & Sophie!
A few other bits I got were wool, needles & a pattern for a snood from Yasmin, and the cutest little tea cup/pot, cupcake boxes and an amazing hand crafted jewellery stand from one of my bestests ever, scrofmeister! (who also sent me a drunk early morning text or two, and maybe had a little wee hangover on Christmas morning??)
Two more necklaces A penguin with a baby penguin at its feet from my housemate, and a tiny brushed silver hand of hamsa with the smallest little stone ever from my mum. This one is 15” and so delicate that it will be worn constantly and everything else layered around it! I never leave the house without my bracelets and at least one necklace, so I’m sorted for this year!
Unexpected facetime with friends, (and just before midnight I got a skype call from my friend down under, although it was 11am boxing day their time by then!)
A Christmas day walk with the mum, we went on the Brighton Wheel (my third time & her first!) and it was windy, our little cabin was blowing around from side to side…. a little worrying but we survived!
Brighton has never been so quiet, hardly any traffic or people, and half of those out dressed as father CHristmas, including two on a tandem bike!
tatties, Gammon & plating up!
And pudding, with hot white chocolate sauce! [obviously a more in depth food post to follow!]
We had dinner around half 7 in the end, as the boy and the friend we had over were at working during the day… Hopefully it all tasted okay, pudding was polished off fairly sharply (along with out weekly calorie intake in one hit… but calories don’t count at Christmas. Right?)
I haven’t seen any Christmas telly yet, I think I need to wait till the mothership has taken off back to her house, as she talks incessantly at all times, making concentrating on the TV (or anything for that matter) pretty difficult! No plans to hit the sales tomorrow, I wont be able to stop myself spending money I don't have, and the eye is still itchy and manky so I'm not wearing makeup at the moment, and wouldn't want to inflict that on the people of Brighton!)
I have a few friend dates lined up this week, including one of my other bestests Emily coming to stay, (AND excitingly, only a month till I go see her in Germany where she lives ,she's back for crimbo at the moment!) and a drink with a School friend whose new book I hope to have finished so I can give him a review (it’s always weird reading a book written by someone you know, as you cant help imagining them reading it aloud!) and on the 29th I’m off to Norfolk for a few days, with a day trip or two planned (but damn you National Trust, I'm a member and want to use my membership and I cant because all your lovely houses are closed over xmas/NY!)

Hoping you all had a brilliant few days, let me know if you did a Christmas post, love nosing into other peoples days!


  1. Your Christmas looked so nice and festive!  Very sorry about your eye, though.  Blogger won't let me follow your blog for some reason!  I always click follow on it and it tells me I'm following you, but then none of your posts ever show up in my blog roll.  Maddening!!!!!!

    Mabel Time

  2. Sounds lovely. Happy belated christmas! x hivennn

  3. Lovely pics, the food looks really good and seems like you had a great stroll :)

  4. bloody blogger! Hope you got to have a nice day when the other half had stopped working! xx

  5. It was nice to get out of the house for a bit, and it was like a Ghost town! Hope you had a great day too?

  6. Aww looks like you had a lovely day! :) All that food looks so yum!! xxx

  7. I did have a nice day, apart from the eye! Oh well, fingers crossed it's clearing up a bit! x

  8. Sounds like such a lovely day ! 


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