Monday, October 31, 2011

In which I go to White Night (OOTD)

  Skirt: Zara (2 years ago, with haunted houses, cats and bats printed on it!)
Jacket: Internacionale
Shoes: store21 (they have cats on them!)
Rose and scull scarf: Camden somewhere     
On Saturday night it was White Night in Brighton… which is a free festival of events happening all over the city. Above is what I wore to have a trek around town… I was feeling ever so slightly really hung-over from a daft hour and a half of post work drinks on Friday and then it started to rain, so we didn't spend any more than a couple of hours out. Brighton was full of Zombies and ghosts and various other costumes, the best being someone who had a full shower curtain hanging from a frame above his head and a scream mask! So I actually looked pretty normal for Brighton, even in fishnets!
Below are some snaps of the various random things that went on…
Please let me know if you like the presentation of the outfit…?I’ve got photo shop working on my laptop now, so editing pics is much easier! I’m not going to be doing OOTDs more than once a week in all honesty, as I wear smart clothes to work, then get into PJs as soon as I get in from work if I have no plans to go out… I love my sofa!
watching: misfits on catch up
eating: tea and biscuits – a health lunch!
doing: going to primarni to take back a skirt before work at three

Sunday, October 30, 2011

In which I go on a scavenger hunt (pictures!)

Last month I saw a couple of bloggers doing the Scavenger Hunt, and I wanted in! So here are my finds, and if you visit the link you'll be able to see what other people came up with! 

crunchy leaves - Pavilion Gardens
golden - Muffins!
something eerie - The Zombie Walk 
sunset - West Pier

a witch's hat/broomstick - as found in a joke shop!
a river - cheat alert! the Boy sent this to me when he was in London, but it IS a river, even if not taken by me!
heritage - Brighton Pavilion at Dusk.
graffiti/street art - North Laine art work in Brighton

pumpkin - in a Pub!
candle lit - My living room before having friends over
a black cat - looked all over for this, to no avail! Then realised my halloween skirt had cats and haunted houses on it! 
fog/mist - taken last night in Brighton, however you can't really tell its misty. failed.

This month all the pictures were taken with my iphone camera, however Last night I dusted off my proper DSLR camera so perhaps next month they'll be a bit better quality!

In which I love & loathe October

the weather, it took long enough to decide to be cold // my boss pissed me off // People not paying for things on Ebay till I've sent them a million reminders // THEN wanting the item sent to Spain!! // being ill whilst being on holiday from work // having to have an intrusive ultra sound // not having any motivation to go to the gym // and therefore not losing anymore weight // having friends who are going through difficult situations  // having bad skin// Being properly diagnosed with PCOS 

having time off work and reading lots of books, and not feeling guilty for doing nothing because I was ill! // getting my blog going properly // having a clothes and crap clear out // getting closer to setting a wedding date so I can plan properly // buying my plane tickets to Frankfurt for my birthday in Germany //  looking forward to seeing my friend Emily whilst i'm in Germany //  being very excited for a certain friend for a secret reason // bought 2 lovely new dresses // also bought a new lazing on the sofa fleecy throw //  I went on the Brighton Wheel!! // Doing lots of cooking & baking (post coming soon)

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Monday, October 24, 2011

In which I go on the Brighton Wheel

During my early shift on Sunday (which should have been my day off) I had to go onto the roof of the building I work in to try and work out the origins of whatever it was that was reverberating all through the building (an extractor fan in the end...) and on the roof, seven stories up, I saw the Brighton Wheel (previously pictured here) going on its merry way round!

So after work, I went to see if I could go on it with two friends. It was amazing! I'm really interested in the history of Brighton, and aim to know a fair bit about the city (working in a hotel means people ask you the strangest questions and expect you to know everything about Brighton, which is fine by me!) so it was a completely new experience to see Brighton spread out beneath us whilst sitting in a little suspended pod.

As I didn't have any plans to go on the Wheel yesterday I didn't have either of my 'good' cameras, so the pics below are all iphone pictures, and not good ones at that... I was more interested in taking it all in than snapping pics.

Ticket// the Pier and a bit of a seagull // Looking towards the station

The West Pier in the distance// towards the Marina (and the nudist beach) // crazy golf

The Wheel costs £8 and we were on it for about 15 minutes and went round 3 or 4 times.... I lost count!
If anyone ever wants to go on it, let me know i'll happily do it monthly!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

In which I show you my everyday face

I love the "how much is your face worth" posts, but I've not seen one from anyone in a while, so here is my normal face, for work or a non dressy night out (pub as opposed to out to dinner or someones birthday I guess...)

Benefit  Erase Paste £19.50
Benefit Porefessional primer £23
Mac Paint pot (LE) Vintage Selection £13.50
Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara £19
Elizabeth Arden gel eyeliner £16 ish? 
Sleek Oh So Special palette £6.50
Primark brow pencil (came from an eyebrow kit) £3
Mac Happy together (for contouring/highlighting) (LE)  £16ish?
Mac Petticoat MSF (LE) £23
Mac Studio Sculpt (nw25) £23

My crappy mental arithmetic skills make that about £178. 

well swipe me! (is swearing acceptable on a blog, I would have said fuck) what a lot of hard earned pennies! And that isn't even a quarter of my makeup in total!

I use a few different foundations, but normally swap between this and double-wear or Max factor colour adapt depending on how blemishy I am (I have PCOS spotty symptoms fairly often) and I either use this sleek palette or the urban decay naked palette (altho some of the shadows are starting to run out in that!)

I hardly ever use any mascara but this one, I have naturally long lashed so don't need lengthening, just thickening, or I end up with black dots below my eyebrows, which is not such a good look!

Happy together is a lovely product, highlight and contour in one, but when it runs out i'll go back to the bourgeois chocolate bronzer...(which lives in my handbag anyway) 

And when slapped on it looks something along the lines of this: (taken in the summer, but all the same products)

Have any of you done a face of the day/how much is your face worth post? Please send me the links!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

In which I moan about my boss

I went back to work on Monday after a ten day holiday (which was more like 2 days holiday and 8 days of illness) and I normally love my job, the people that I work with (most of them anyway) but a new Manager is causing me some strife. I've not met anybody who is so extraordinarily hard to get along with (not to mention demanding!). I answered the phone to him the other day and he said "there's no need to sound so happy to talk to me". WHO does that? He's also glued to his blackberry, send him an email at 11 at night? he replies with more actions to add to the ever growing to do list. (I have a giant whiteboard for this purpose!)

I've always believed I am fairly good at my job, Running a business that takes over 2million a year isn't easy, but I really never have doubted my skills and ability so much in this last month or so. I feel like my stress levels are rubbing off on the rest of the team, and that I'm not supporting them as much as I normally do.

The consolation is that he doesn't work where I do every day of the week, just a couple of them (because he's off making other peoples lives a misery the other days) phew. I downloaded Horrible Bosses the other day... I'll watch it next time I feel like maiming him.

How do you all get on with your bosses? Any tips on keeping on top of Massive to do lists?

Anyway, since signing up to twitter in 2009 I just started using it! talk to me? 

And just so this isnt a completely depressing post....

Non work appropriate Manicure// Rosé vino, in a Mug
Blistex and faux Berocca to kill my cold// The view from my living room window two days ago

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In which I bake!

I Baked some cupcakes to take to work on my first day back, everyone loved them but the day was just horrific! Its a good thing I saved a few at home to scoff when I got in (and I had a glass of wine, which is really rare for me on a work night!) but I felt like I needed it!
The recipes for the basic cake is from the hummingbird bakery book, and I made pink lemonade cupcakes (well, lemon curd in the centre with pink buttercream icing and purple sparkles) and some chocolate caramel cakes, with boiled condensed milk centres with vanilla icing, and some with chocolate centres for any caramel haters out there... I'm pleased to say the cakes went down a treat!
Boiled condensed milk!! takes FOREVER but tastes amazing!
I've found so many lovely blogs to add to my google reader, I've started to read the past posts of a few of my absolute favs too... so one day soon i'll do must-read blogs post I reckon. [can someone tell me, if I add a subscription to google reader, do I become a follower of that blog automatically?]
Off to work shortly for the day, with no day off till Sunday, so any relaxation I felt from my hols will be long gone.... ce la vie!
watching: House - the new season!
listening: to the random man fixing the roof making a lot of noise! thank god I woke up before he started or i'd really be annoyed!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

In which I grab a bargain & other things

So for the last week I've been on holiday from work. This holiday has been less of a holiday and more than a hibernation. However I ventured out yesterday morning to the shops, and again today... managing the get a lovely little dress with pink (so unlike me!) flowers and piping on it, which was from one of the random little shops in the North Laine.
Talking of random shops, the new Alice in Wonderland shop has opened opposite my old flat in Gardner Street... its so pretty!
To get a bit more energy for battling the Saturday shoppers (and dodging potential pupils for my teacher-friend!) we stopped off at Choccywoccydoodah for a hot chocolate!
I then found THE prettiest dress.... reduced in the Oasis sale! (here is a stock picture as I am snuggled in my new primarni brushed cotton night shirt, reclining on my new primarni cushions)
It was £15! and it has the best sleeves ever (aka they cover bingo wings but still look puurrtty!)
After that we marched off to Primark to exchange a pair of PJ bottoms that t go over Sams thighs... and I bought the afore mentioned snugglies!
I walked home away from the crowds and took my normal short cut through the St.Nicholas church grounds, and they were open for visitors so I popped in to see what the inside of the church is like (it is on our potential wedding venue list!) as its the prettiest church in Central Brighton and is actually lovely inside! A doddery old man gave me a tour and pamphlet and let me know about the history etc... so now its a definite maybe!
I'm a bit depressed about going back to work on Monday, but I have actually been missing it so its probably time to go back!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In which I stroll to the Marina (pictures)

its a horse! (outside the waggon and horses)
gambling fun on the Pier
The Brighton Eye (not open yet but it was going round for a bit!)
Everyone loves a bit of i-phone artistry
from the other side...
the weird concrete jetty next to the marina
A seagull
looking back towards Brighton from the marina
(no pictures of me because I looked and felt like crap)

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