Sunday, January 08, 2012

In which I organise my makeup collection

Just before Christmas I had a sudden urge to sort out and clean all my makeup out. It was previously cluttering up my dresser top and was stored in various cases and boxes and tubs. I emptied it all onto the floor of the living room and got to it… with the help of my friend Carla, who made me clear out stuff that I had had for too long…


The extent of it, minus whatever is in various handbags






Lippy (I rarely wear anything on my lips, so the whole lot is pretty redundant)


Eye liners of varying colours…




single eye shadows (un depotted) and various other eye things


loose shadow


Gel & liquid liners


Highlighters. High Beam is still un opened, my lovely boy bought it for me a month or so ago. He knows how to make me happy!


Primers & Foundations




De potted eye shadows




Assorted brushes (all in need of a clean)


Palettes, most of the sleek ones, Naked (ha, who saw all the dramz about the naked2/prayforkelly on twitter/facebook, very lolz indeed) and a couple of rimmel ones


I forgot what half the eyeliner colours were, I used to ALWAYS wear coloured eyeliner… now, black normally!


the final cut (I threw a fair few things away, go me!)


Stuffed it all into this cosmetics case B&Q fold out tool box. Can’t promise it’ll stay this nice for long


I kept my most used separately, for ease of access, along with brushes… that still need a clean!

If you want a closer look at anything/swatches let me know…

How do you store your make up?


  1. I have a mere fraction of what you have. It all fits in one moderate bag. I did chuck out some old stuff earlier this year. I have one foundation and am getting a bit angsty ecause it's running low so I will need another but the one I have is a bit too dark and I hate buying new-to-me colours as they always turn out wrong. I'm such a wuss.

  2. I have a box of always used makeup and a big old box of special occasion, haven't tried etc make up. Youve inspired me to organise them today x

  3. Oh my gosh! I thought I had a lot of make up until I saw this blog post! I also cleared through my collection a week or so ago- it is so refreshing finally seeing a collection that isn't filled with all the broken, unused, or puppy chewed items that I just never threw away!

    Now we've cleared out, I also think we have a valid excuse to go and buy a few more items...! Xx

  4. Wow that's a lot of make up!! :) I had a good sort out of mine over Christmas as well. Love having a spring clean. xx

    sweet monday

  5. Milly Youngman8 January 2012 14:38

    Oh wow, you have tons of make-up! I thought my collection was big, haha. Although it's expanding quite rapidly, and I need a sort out too. I store mine in a plastic drawer set, it's got a drawer for each 'type' - face, lips, eyes, other, plus a brush holder at the top which is pretty useful. xx

  6. Wow! That is a LOT of make-up! I've got about 5 things! :) x

  7. This is like my makeup collection.  I have SO MUCH STUFF and I hardly ever use any of it.  But I keep buying it!

    Mabel Time

  8. Purdey Singleton9 January 2012 00:00

    WOW that is a lot of make up! I now feel the need to clean out my make up box ( I have a similar tool box storage case).

  9. Sadiebutterflywings9 January 2012 16:00

    You have a fab make-up collection :).

    Sadie x

  10. Good grief!! And I thought I had lots. I have nothing on you! Even the cleared out version ;) xx

  11. Go and get matched by a nice make up lady in boots? its always a stress but they're there to help!! xx

  12. It is such a nice change to be able to see what I want, and remember the things I didnt even realise I owned! like having a new collection!! 

  13. Did you do it? its a good feeling! 

  14. and its good to find all the forgotten bits and bobs too right? 

  15. Thats a good idea, I could really do with something like that, but I cant really justify buying a storage case when I have one... maybe soon!

  16. But think how much money you have not spent compared to me! I cringe when I think about how much it all costs!

  17. obviously! if its new its in the basket, if its a new colour, its in the basket, if it looks nice, its in the basket, if its on offer, its in the basket!

  18. Have fun cleaning and clearing! its not pretty but it does the job! (and doubles as a stool when necessary!)

  19. Told you it was mahoosive, and even with this clear out and the bits I donated to you its wayy tooo much!


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