Friday, February 17, 2012

In which I paint my nails 4

Nails from Christmas till now!


Revlon Ruby Ribbon (matte) and Barry M racing green.


Barry M indigo & rimmel purple that I cant remember the name of! I did these colours because I was in bed and uninspired. They matched my duvet cover.


Beauty UK lilac base, the same rimmel purple I cant remember the name of, and accessorise cristal shimmer all over



Birds: leighton denny ‘whatever’ pink base, collection 2k ‘button moon’ blue base, birds drawn on with a black sharpie (& sams help for the right hand!) and white clouds was a random white polish. Top coat seche vite, and this lasted 8 days no rubbing off/chips!


Ignore the messy bits, I hadn't cleaned up… Models own pinky brown over the birds from above (in Germany with no remover!) and a heart and a star drawn on with a gold marker pen… rubbed off the next day.

And whilst I was in Germany, pretty much the only thing I bought (other than food, drink and travel!) was nail polish….


(a couple of doubles, I might do a giveaway soon and I am being prepared!)


[crappy i phone pics sorry!] p2 ‘good luck’ base with essence ‘choose me’ sparkly top coat. The base is an amazing sage greeny colour I hadn't seen anywhere else! In fact I hadn't heard of the brand essence before….


Some random swatches to see what they were like…


And these were my engagement shoot nails. This is one of my favourite nail colours ever, its accessorize ‘bronze’ and is really pretty duochrome, bronze in some lights and gold in others, as I have tried to demonstrate above!


What’ve you been wearing nail wise recently? link me to any posts?!


  1. I LOVE the birdies. Love love love. May have to duplicate this if I can rope in the other half!

  2. Thepamperedsparrow17 February 2012 15:22

    Ooooooh! What a coincidence! I've just put up a post about my nails too! Yours are absolutely fab, I can only do really basic nail art, I'm so cack handed(!) but I'd like to do more. I love the design with the birds and clouds! :D xx

  3. do you do them by hand yourself? that's so pretty!

  4. I love the first set and the set with the birds. I've a few of the duochrome varnishes from accsesorise too an dI think they are lovely. I've posted up my varlentines nails on my latest post. x

  5. I love the birds! and the engagement ring making appearences in the images!! xx

  6. love your nails are they real or fake? the sage green is my fave closely followed by the birdy ones x

  7. Amazing nails! Your bird/sky ones are soooo much better than mine. I love them xx

    sweet monday

  8. OMG the bird ones are BEAUTIFUL! I want to be this talented! Also I think we have the same bedsheets :P xxx

  9. Thanks Holly, its not too hard, so try and catch him when he is half watching a tv program or something and doesnt realise what you've done till it is too late!

  10. yup, apart from getting sam to do the birds on my right hand, but I didnt trust him with the clouds!! :D

  11. theyre brilliant arent they! your nail art looks amazing!!

  12. they are acrylic. I wish they were real. My mum has really strong long nails, I wish I had inherited her nail genes! mine grow super fast but are so weak and thin. I know I am not helping the issue by covering them with chemicals but they stay neater for longer so i tell myself I am saving myself time by not having to touch them up all the time!!

  13. Thanks lovely!! yours were so pretty tho!

  14. ha ha, primarni faux silk special ftw!! xx

  15. I love bright nail polish so I am a huge fan of this post! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog in re: the pipettes. I miss the original girls! Their gigs were so much fun and I always had a great time, it reminds me of such happy times! Gah, i wish i was a student again!!! xxxxx


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