Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Linkography #5


Since last Wednesday I have been taking pictures of …


tree // another tree // my notebook @ work // someone else's facebook status


Tunnel // graffiti on a loo roll holder // Live band (The Stranded) (friend of a friend is in it) // drunken pastry


haha Sleeping Sam  & drunken Lauren // Vintage furs // Japanese for lunch // kinky… looked up & this was on telly!


Daffodils! // Eloise’s Lobster // Walking to work // HI SHADOW

Linky Love

You should go and read this article on Body Image // Lisas AMAZING decorating skills, & she’s also offered to bake for my wedding, love this girl! //

Frans Nail post, how amazing are these transfers? // Potential wedding hair do? // OMG imagine drinking 20 double vodkas and doing this

(I also did my first wedding wonders post this week too!)


Hope you’ve had a lovely Wednesday!!


  1. love all these little snaps :) the fb status made me chuckle! & i adore draw something, what's your username?? mine's skyepennant if you wanna play!! x

  2. HAHAHA Sam! Bless him! I also love the furs! Where di you go for japanese? POM? MOSHI? I want japanese. NOW!xxx

  3. PS LOVE the wedding do hair possibility! Can we have another wedding meeting soon please? Someone coming Saturday has just got engaged! xxx

  4. I love these posts. Damn good lobster drawing! x

  5. I love these kind of posts, it's liitle personal insights into peoples every day life which is great as I'm noisy' I've just started to use draw something, & trying to get Mr UB to play it within me. X


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