Friday, March 30, 2012

March Scavenger Hunt & update

As always a BIG thank you to Kathy for compiling the items! Go here to see other peoples posts and join in! I generally just look through the random iphone pictures i’ve taken throughout the month and hope I find something relevant, I managed it this month!

IMG_5317  IMG_4740

Morning & Square

IMG_5282  IMG_5605

Buttons & Street name

IMG_5190  IMG_5058

Kitchen & Fancy

IMG_5546  IMG_5227

City & half a face
IMG_5054  IMG_5237

Landmark & words (rude! in a pub toilet)

IMG_5293  IMG_5270

fashion & theatre (but it wasn't, it was a live gig)


So I am absolutely shattered, you’re lucky I have managed to keep my eyes open long enough to type this far… I have been up at 6am for work EVERY DAY this week, been to Heathrow on Wednesday  for work, worked 10 hours yesterday & almost 12 today. People have been on holiday this week so I have been left without my right hand man and the admin girl, so stressful times were had! Oh well I miss one week of the school holidays where it will be manic and crazy and horrible… back for the second week though. sadness. Todays highlight was ordered 400 Easter eggs for delivery at various hotels along the south coast. sounds fun, wasn't. didn't even SEE an egg, let along eat one.

BUT happily we are off on our holibobs (a boat on the norfolk broads with 8 friends) so we’re packed and sorted, I have chocolate brownies in the oven to take with us, so please pray for some sun for us! it’s forecast to rain mon-wed next week in Norfolk, and the bloody Hunger Games books I ordered didn't arrive in time for me to take them! We’re being picked up at 6am Saturday (thankfully I am not driving) so I will have a little snooze in the car and a HUGE (possible day long) lie in on Sunday. I will (obviously) take lots of pictures, but doubt there will be outfit photos as I am going country (Well, still no jeans) style and minimal makeup. (needed more room for books & biscuits you see…)

I have scheduled the start of a mini series for a couple of posts, and if you could all just stop blogging for a week so I don’t have a gazillion posts to read upon my return that would be amazing!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Linkography #6

[a day late, whoops]
wrote our save the dates // wore pleather like a sexy mofo // sam looking like a sexy mofo //  a sexy mofo easter egg krispey kreme

chocolate dinosaurs as part of sophies present // legs out! // out for Sophie's bday
Sams legs vs skinny boys legs // American Football
view of brighton // Under a bridge on Mondays run //  looking pleased with myself after my run!
I spent half of Tuesday with Jam on my shoe. Nobody told me // sunset at Devils Dyke // Driving

Playing kiddie Monopoly with Savannah, my friends 5 year  old. she won, but she did cheat! I consoled myself with a glass of prosecco
Linky love…
(not many this week as I have been a slack blogger and am WAY behind, and haven't even been on my computer much!)
DIY wire rings
I want to try transferring my photos onto wood! (coasters/pictures/anything!!!)
I uploaded my best friend video tag with Emily

Monday, March 26, 2012

In which I borrow a Camper Van

(for the purpose of taking pictures in front of)


Jumper&Scarf – Primark, Skirt – Peacocks

    SDC12163  SDC12158

The Skirt is actually a bit bluer in reality, & this is my new favourite jumper, the only downside is that you cant wear a jacket over it as the rolled up sleeves get all caught up near your armpits.


Sam wanted to pose too.

So the sun finally arrived. I’m not sure how I feel about this. My legs are not really ready for public appearance just yet, so until I have sunned them a little more from the privacy of my sun deck flat roof, I will remain covered. I had a date with a borrowed hoover this weekend (a purple dyson no less!) as our sucker died last month, and I also went out for a couple of drinks for Sophies birthday (she posted about it here!)

Drink does not agree with me anymore, and I am not sure why this is. Is it because I am old? Or is it because I very rarely drink? Either way if I drink more than two drinks I wake up with a fuzzy head and a bad belly. I reckon this has something to do with my IBS, which seems to be getting worse recently, although I have not changed my diet all that much so I can’t for the life of me work out what it is! However I should report that I’ve not had ANY further incidents of blackouts or seizures, but the good old NHS still haven't sent me an appointment for the fits clinic! Anyway… I used to pull frequent all nighters and rave it up till the sun came up (two days later often!) Oh well, I am liking middle aged life quite a lot so shouldn't complain!

I am looking forward to going on holiday on Saturday, just a few more days of work to go (and Wednesday I am in Heathrow for work so that’ll fly by, apart from the m25/m23 journey to and from!) and then we will be on a boat on the Norfolk Broads! I am going with Sam and 6 other people, one of whom is my oldest friend Amy, we grew up living opposite each other, and I don’t see her very often so I am looking forward to spending time with her pregnant self!

Also, go and watch my best friend tag video, its very long so I’ll forgive you if you only watch a bit!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

In which I video the Best Friend Tag!


Back when I was in Germany in January staying with Miss Emily, we filmed the best friend tag for your viewing pleasure. Now I am no editing whizz, I mean obviously if I wanted to be I could be (HAR HAR!) so forgive the crappily edited together bits, and the fact that it is in two halves because youtube is evil, turn up your volume (sorry!) & enjoy!


Please please let me know if you managed to watch it all… we do waffle on somewhat!

Have you done this tag? if not, why not?!

Friday, March 23, 2012

In which I get foody #3


Pie & curly fries! // fajitas // curry // gross concoction of two jacket pots 2 chicken breasts and mayo (sams not mine)


sausage and chips // CHICKEN ROAST // Roast goodness!


Chicken Pakora // Pie in a giant yorkie // camembert breaded and not! // poached eggs on beans on toast


apple flavoured chinese something or other //  soybean tea // german ricola (any idea of the flavour? I reckon elderflower)


Bacon brie and cranberry bagel // chocolate thingy // chocoloate readybrek with choccie philly // giant cookies at the chocolate market


Old school donut van // Japanese @ pompoko // chocolates // mothers day meal



Sorry for this rather boring post. But I’ve not cooked anything from scratch or done any baking recently!

I do have something foody coming up but cannot share til after someone's birthday! So I will leave you with this amazing cupcake that my lovely flatmate baked… lemon meringue… scrummy!


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