What I wore: Black Sequins

A few posts back I did a ‘If I didn’t have a baby and had plans for NYE this is what I would wear’ type post featuring some lovely Goddiva dresses… well the lovely people at Goddiva sent me one! I decided to dress up for the Brighton Bloggers festive meal that I went to on Sunday, and although the cabaret singer out-sparkled me in a floor length red sequinned number I’m glad I got the chance to dress up!
My absolute favourite thing about this dress are the sleeves; long enough to cover my bingo wings (I need to do some weight lifting I think) and a scalloped edge. The trim is repeated along the lower hem too, although this isn’t as easy to see as I had to wear thick black tights because it was cold and wet and I’ve learnt my lesson about going out in the cold with only thin opaque tights! The second best thing is the sheer amount of spangly goodness! tiny little sequins all over the dress mean it subtly catches the light whenever you move, Athena was most enthralled by it when I put it on ready to go out! I think it’ll make a debut at some point around my birthday celebrations in January (it’s a big one!) It’s a shift dress so flattering around the middle and slightly stretchy too, perfection! You can buy it here for £35 and free delivery too!
The meal was a lovely one at Little Bay on the seafront (more for the company than the food, but at their prices it was never going to be gourmet!)  I got to meet a couple of new people (Leah & Tess, who’s planned an awesome wedding next summer!) and caught up with lots of favourites too. We were serenaded by a Cabaret singer, who sung lovely things like ‘we’re walking in the air’ and not so lovely things like ‘sit on my face’ but she was a hoot and not a bad singer either!
Everyone in attendance: Laura, Nat, Fiona (who took the photo of the singer above), Lyndsay, Leah, Lilla, Carrie, the other Laura, Tess & Sami
On Thursday I’m going to my work Christmas meal, which will be strange as a few of my employees have left since I started my maternity leave back in June and have been replaced with people that I don’t know, who won’t know who I am either! It’s such a dressy affair (the meal is at five pm!!!) so although I’d like to whack out the sparkles again I think I’d get some funny looks!
Have you got any Christmas parties to go to? Or if you had a work shindig please tell me the embarrassing stories!

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