Arlo at 18 Months

I’m a bit late writing this but Arlo is now 18 months old so I wanted to write a little update for me to look back on at some point so I can remember what he was like! I’ve not written anything really since his one year update! So Arlo is not only walking but running everywhere, he’s also climbing and has the upper body strength of Iron Man, he can pull himself up onto whatever he wants to, including windowsills from standing in about three seconds flat. He’s fearless in the park and, and has no sense of danger […]


#WhatMyKidDid – Arlo is ONE!

My baby is one! It simultaneously feels like he only just arrived, but yet has been with us for ever. He’s a cheeky and demanding little thing and is growing and changing every day. He’s so very different from his sister in almost every way, has a smile that lights up the room and a scream that can fill it too!


#WhatMyKidDid & Arlo at 11 Months

Another month and I’ll be writing Arlo’s one year update, doesn’t time fly!? This month has been overshadowed by illness in the first part of the month with Arlo getting a v&d bug lasting almost a week! It was miserable for him (and me) and he became a clingier than normal constantly breastfeeding baby. Almost like reverting to being a newborn again! Attempting to get him to sit still and hold his 11 month card just wasn’t happening, I’ve got a lot of blurry photos of him and the card is now half chewed.

arli10 months

#WhatMyKidDid Linky & Arlo at 10 Months

 Welcome to February’s #WhatMyKidDid! Now my not-so-little one is ten months old I was really hoping I’d have a thrilling development to report but so far still much the same as last month to be honest. A couple more solo standing attempts that end up landing on his behind! He’s also mastered climbing stairs much to my surprise and his enjoyment! I was unpacking the buggy in the stairwell and before I knew it he was half way up the stairs to our first floor flat with Athena encouraging him from the to!

2016-01-11 17.46.30

Athena at Two and a half

My once chubby toddler is now a seemingly gigantic tall girl! It happened all of a sudden, she shot up and starting talking in sentences. She’s even more sure of what she likes and doesn’t like and has us both wrapped around her little finger. She is her brothers favourite person in the world. I’m late writing this as she actually turned 2.5 at the start of December, but close enough!


#WhatMyKidDid – January & Arlo at 9 M0nths

I skipped Arlo’s 8 month update as I didn’t have a laptop, I’ve now borrowed my mums so I can get this one up on time with the linky & a better photo! The last two months have been huge in terms of development, Arlo is now moving all over the place, crawling properly, pulling himself to standing and cruising around the furniture. He’s also climbing onto things too if they’re not too high (which so far rules out the sofa, phew!) Personality wise he’s definitely an explorer, and has no sense of danger just yet! He loves being pushed high […]